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Rats and kitchen filth are fodder for naming and shaming restaurants

Issued Date: 16-04-2013

One in 10 restaurants and cafes across NSW have been fined for food safety breaches, from preparing meals in filthy kitchens to failing to control bug infestations.

The first full release of data

Warm weather has bug control phones buzzing

Issued Date: 12-02-2013
A hot, humid summer is prompting an influx of Western Bay residents calling on exterminators to rid their homes of creepy crawlies and flying pests.

Tauranga's Bugs Or Us co-owner

Will bugs bite at the London Olympics?

Issued Date: 10-09-2012
By Dr Cameron Webb.

Travelling to the London Olympics? What do you expect to bring back? Some amazing sporting memories? A medal? How about some bed bug bites, or, worse still, a few bugs to

Important things to know about pest-control services

Issued Date: 01-08-2012

As summer is heading toward us and temperatures typically creep up, and so do the odds for bugs and other pests migrating into your homes.

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