ANZ flees termite infested bank

Posted on: September 23, 2011

It was reported in “The Border Mail” on 23 July 2011 that the ANZ Bank has abandoned its termite-infested premises at Tallangatta (Vic) for a new home nearby in the IGA store on Towong Street.

Extensive termite damage closed the branch in May. An ANZ representative said the bank’s lease on the old building had been wound up after heavy termite damage could not be fixed in an acceptable time.

The new branch will be run by supermarket staff, who will be trained in most bank transaction processes. But the branch will not offer business and mortgage services and customers will be unable to open new accounts. Specialists would be called in from the parent branch in Wodonga when there was demand.

This only goes to show that even a building as safe as a bank is not immune from a white-ant invasion. And this story highlights just how invasive these pests can be, not just to buildings, but to businesses and the community and livelihoods that depend on them.