Warm weather has bug control phones buzzing

Posted on: December 12, 2022

As the sweltering heat of summer envelops Western Bay, residents are turning to exterminators to rid their homes of unwelcome creepy crawlies and pesky pests.

Bugs Or Us, co-owned by Duncan Kerr in Tauranga, is experiencing a surge in business, particularly from the Papamoa region.

“Papamoa seems to be buzzing with activity, especially with ants. We can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but this time of year is exceptionally busy, and we are covering all areas. Over the next couple of weeks, Papamoa will keep us on our toes,” noted Mr. Kerr.

The previous summer had seen lackluster business due to unfavorable weather conditions, but the recent hot and sunny climate has heralded the return of bothersome summer insects, including flies.

“Flies were a bit of a letdown last year due to insufficient warmth and humidity. But now, with the increased humidity, they’re back,” added Mr. Kerr.

Summer naturally sees heightened activity among all pests, and flies and ants have become particularly prevalent in parts of Western Bay, according to Mr. Kerr.

Flies, in particular, seem to be the tipping point for many families. They endure other pests but decide to book an exterminator once flies become too much to handle.

Fleas also make their presence felt during this season, Mr. Kerr pointed out.

“Fleas are quite widespread right now, especially when people return home after a vacation. The fleas have been breeding without a food source, and as soon as you step inside, they find their meal,” he explained.

Despite some demand for white tail spider extermination, Mr. Kerr mentioned that these insects aren’t a major issue in the Tauranga area.

“Many of our clients are repeat customers, and they mainly seek regular eradication rather than white tail spiders. White tail spiders typically prefer hiding beneath dry bark and plants, but they occasionally venture indoors to avoid light after night hunting. They often seek refuge in clothing, especially if left on the floor,” said Mr. Kerr.

In Gisborne, pest controllers have been inundated with requests to eliminate white tail spiders.

James Guyton, owner of Stomp’em Out Pest Control, confirmed a noticeable increase in white tail spider call-outs this summer.

While Tauranga Hospital’s emergency department has not treated anyone for white tail spider bites since Christmas, local doctors have also reported no cases of white tail spider bites among their patients.

Des Smith, from Wil-Kil Pest Control, expects business to pick up significantly in the coming weeks with the warmer weather.

Checking his bookings for the day, Mr. Smith noted a high demand for cockroach extermination.

Ants, cockroaches, spiders, ants, cockroaches – most of my customers return year after year for the same type of job,” Mr. Smith concluded.