Pest control is a very important thing in houses and offices as these pests are very irritating and destroy a lot of things in homes and offices. Bugs Be Gone is an organisation established by Gordon Simms in the year 1989 who is now a well known pest control expert of the country and also the owner of the biggest pest control agency in the country.

Parramatta has always been one of the places where we have a lot of work in as this is one of the biggest commercial as well as residential areas in the country so we have an array of services of Pest Control Parramatta where we take care of the pest control in the city and its surroundings. So here below are the details of all our services of pest control services that we offer in Parramatta.

Residential Pest Control Parramatta

Our services of residential Pest Control Parramatta are divided into two parts which are as follows:

1)      New Residences pest control

This is that pest control service that we offer to households that are less than 10 years old. Here the main aim is to check the house for places where the pests could probably have entered and clear them off through specialised equipments and chemicals. This is pretty easy as new homes are still strong and there are very less places where pests can actually stay apart from kitchens, attics and washrooms, so our main concentration is one these three places.

2)      Old residence pest control

Any house that has crossed the age of 10 years is an old house and needs intensive pest control every once in every two years. There are a lot of pests that creep into old houses easily with the course of time and create havoc all around the houses. So if you are living in an old house it’s time for you now to get the pest control done if you haven’t done it from a long time.

Commercial pest control Parramatta

When it comes to commercial Pest Control Parramatta then there are two parts or services that we offer here as well and they are as follows.

1)      Commercial pest control for offices and shops

Well, offices and shops have a lot of things in common when it comes to pests. These are ideal places for hiding for pests as there is no one around in the night time and these pests can just enjoy themselves ruining things all around the office. The most commonly found pests here are rodents like mice and rats that eat away important papers. So they need to be killed on an immediate effect so that they do not cause any further damage.

2)      Commercial pest control for big commercial areas

Big commercial areas include malls and hospitals where a lot of people come in and spend a lot of time. These two places must be exceptionally clean and tidy as no one would like to get into a place where there are pests. So we take care of the pest control in these kinds of places on a contractual basis and to know the details of the same you need to get in touch with us.

Irrespective of what services you are looking for, we offering nothing but the best.