A termite insection report is very srongly recommended before you consider buying a new home. You need to know if your property is infected by termites or other timber pests.
As well, the building and renovation stage of a home is the most sensible and cost effective time to install termite prevention options, both physical and chemical ones.
Doing this may save you the need to chemically treat for termites later on.

Physical barriers:

These can be cost-effectively installed in new homes as part of the building process. Such barriers don’t necessarily prevent termite infestation, but they do bring the insects out into the open, so detection is much easier.
Barriers consist of crushed rock or stainless steel mesh, which termites cannot chew through, and which is laid under a house’s concrete slab and in cavities such as around pipe openings.
Termite shield caps can be installed at the top of piers or stumps in the sub-floor area and in brick walls. These caps force termites to build mud tubes over the shield to cross it, bringing evidence of their presence out into the open.
Termite resistant timber – most termites love softwoods, though there are a few hardwoods that appeal, too. Termite-resistant timbers include Australian hardwoods, eucalypts and non-eucalypts such as white cypress pine, treated pine and cedar. From Australian Standards you can purchase the full list of termites resistant timber.

Chemical barriers:

Construction is the best time to apply chemical soil barrier treatments, if that is considered necessary. After construction, if a termite infestation is found, it is still possible to apply the chemicals to the soil, but trenching and concrete drilling may be needed.
Composite systems are plastic or fabric sheets treated with a chemical that are used in construction. Their efficiency as a barrier fades over time.
Reticulation systems are fairly new. Special PVC piping is installed at the construction stage of a house under and around the perimeter of a concrete slab, which allow the replenishment of chemicals at a later date.
If buying, or building, a new house it could make good sense to get a professional termite inspection done.