In urban areas, birds such as pigeons are primarily a problem in commercial venues such as shopping centres, hospitals and hotels etc., though they can enter houses via chimneys, downpipes, vents and under eaves and roof tiles. Apart from the mess and corrosive damage to surfaces that their droppings cause, pigeons can also transmit numerous diseases via their droppings.

When birds build nests in homes, they sometimes bring with them bird lice (mites). If the birds leave or get trapped and die, the mites leave the nest in search of a new host, moving through wall cavities and ending up in bedrooms where sleeping humans provide them with a blood feed. For this, and many other reasons, professional bird nest removal is essential for the safety of your premises.

Pigeons are a serious nuisance; taking steps to prevent them from getting entry to your house is often the best for long-term elimination of the problem. Bird control can involve installing preventative measures such as bird spikes on ledges, bird netting, aluminium plates over gaps as well as fixing broken down pipes etc. As well, make sure all food such as pet’s food, and water, is not left out to attract pigeons, and destroy any nests. Other solutions involve the use of scare devices and Perspex, which is too slippery for pigeons to land on. Trapping, using baits and shooting pigeons is not straightforward and may only ever achieve short-term gains.

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Whether it’s a commercial premises or residential home, we offer the same meticulous levels of service for bird nest removal and pest control. We start with a thorough inspection and advise you on the best and most cost effective option for bird control. We have many different options such as proofing the building and it’s surrounds and netting. We do not like to shoot birds or poison them but if there is no other alternative available and where serious health and safety hazards are present, then these options may be explored.

Other birds can be pests as well. For successful results, a professional pest controller is best placed to explain to you all your options for bird control.

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