There is little that is appealing about this pest in the home. The field or house mouse ( Mus Musculus ) may sound all cute and cuddly but you’ll still want it gone. Bugs Be Gone are experts in getting rid of rodents.

It is widely accepted that if you see one rodent, there are most likely many more hidden away in the cracks and crevices of your property. Rodents are highly intelligent and sociable animals with a very short gestation period, meaning that if left unchecked, a small family of rats or mice invading your home can turn into a full-blown infestation in only a few weeks.

Other common rodents include the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Rats and mice are mammals, distinguished by their front incisor teeth, which do not stop growing, compelling them to constantly gnaw to keep their growth in check. And in the home, there is much for them to gnaw on: food, furniture and books, and they can do serious damage to electric cables. Apart from eating your food, they can also ruin what’s left by contaminating it with their urine, faeces and hair.

The greatest worry, for both humans and animals, comes from the fact that rats and mice are capable of transmitting diseases – everything from salmonella poisoning to dysentery and gastroenteritis. If the conditions are right, rats and mice can quickly reach plague proportions. Female rodents are capable of reproducing at just three months of age, so if rats or mice are suspected, prompt action needs to be taken. Tell tale signs include droppings, half-eaten food, gnaw marks, odour and stains from their urine. That’s why you need a reliable rat control service that provides a long term solution to your rat problem. Quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats is to leave that job in hands of a professional rat removal service that you can trust.

We specialise in rat and mice control and bring a range of services to your door. A professional pest controller will inspect the house to determine the extent of problem, accurately identify the rodent and put in place an integrated eradication plan. Entry points such as cracks and holes in screens, windows, roof vents, eaves and concrete bases need to be checked and repaired. Entry to drainpipes can be blocked with screens. A common treatment method is to use rodent baits. These contain an anti-coagulant, which cause the rat to die from internal bleeding.

Good sanitation is important in keeping rats and mice away. Keep the house and kitchen clean, store food in secure containers and use rubbish bins with tight-fitting lids. Keep outside areas clean too, removing any debris or stacks of wood, and cutting grass regularly.

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Rats and Mice