Rodents, Rats and Mice are a year round pest duo that consume and contaminate food, utensils. Packaging, bench tops, annoy and stress pets by stealing their food and spread diseases by dribbling on food leaving nasal and mucus deposits, leaving greasy hairs, constantly leaking droplets of urine and droppings everywhere. They constantly have to wear down their incisors by gnawing constantly on soap, plastic pipes, wooden door bottoms, lead flashing. Quite often rats chew on electrical conduits and wires. This often is the cause of fires. They chew up stored documents and clothes……..they are not good news. Mice are just as problematic. Rats and Mice breed up quickly and so seeing one can mean that a whole tribe of freeloaders are hidden from your view. Modern professional rodent baiting and trapping techniques can quickly remedy the situation for you and help to protect your valuable assets whilst being delivered precisely and without causing harm to you, your family, your pets and the environment.

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