West Pennant Hills is a busy suburb of New South Wales State that is quite close to Sydney and contains lots of residential and commercial buildings. Usually, the doors, windows and several other parts of building structures are made of timber or any good quality wood, to ensure longevity of the buildings. But termite is a highly destructive pest that feeds on any kind of wood and damages all these wooden structures. Bugs Be Gone provides very competent service in destroying the colonies of termites in the houses of their customers, resulting in most effective pest control West Pennant Hills.

 Effective measures taken by Bugs Be Gone for termite control

  • It is best to have a termite inspection by an expert professional, before you proceed to buy a new home. Our professionals of Bugs Be Gone are well trained for conducting such inspection and find out if there is any chance of termite infestation. They can also advice all kinds of protective measures to be taken for most fruitful pest control West Pennant Hills.
  • Usually, strong metallic barriers are placed within the concrete slabs of the walls, below the floor tiles and around the openings of the drain pipes. Hard pieces of rocks or meshes of stainless steel are mostly preferred as the barriers used for stopping the termite attacks at homes, as these materials cannot be eaten up by the termites.
  • Our professionals may also use termite shield caps on the walls or floors to locate the hidden termite colonies easily, which makes it easier for them to make the houses totally termite free.
  • It is best to take the help of our expert professionals at the time of constructing a new house, so that only termite proof timber can be used wherever wood is required to be used in the building. Some special Australian hardwoods are known to be naturally termite proof, as per the Australian Standards and the experienced professionals of Bugs Be Gone are well aware about all these special timbers.
  • If the land is found to be prone to termite infestation at the time of construction, our pest control experts apply certain chemicals deep into the soil, to stop the growth of termites there. Even the soil of an old house can be treated with the same chemicals, by creating trenches or drilling through the concrete bases of the houses. They may also suggest the use of PVC pipes for drainage system that cannot be eaten by the termites.

Call up Bugs Be Gone for saving money through pest control  

Our services for all kinds of pest control West Pennant Hills are offered at reasonable rates for the local customers, so that it does not seem as an extra burden on them. Moreover, the houses are saved from damages created by termites and other pests, saving the extra maintenance costs for repairing the damages. The medical expenses for treatment of the diseases spread by several pests can also be saved by the effective pest control solutions of our company.

So just call up on our contact number 1800 284 442 and get the best offer on pest control from Bugs Be Gone, depending on the nature of pest infestation at your home!