A businesses reputation is critical and bad news travels fast.
A customer’s bad experience will be relayed to others and this will affect your goodwill and reputation.

You have an obligation to protect the health and well being of your customers and employees in any hotel, club, resort, bar or other hospitality or leisure business.

There are implications beyond goodwill and reputation. Any customer or employee who is made ill by food prepared from a contaminated kitchen or from conditions in a poorly pest controlled building can lead to legal and costly ramifications.

Be aware that different parts of a hospitality business face different challenges.
Of course, an issue in one area can and generally will spread to other areas.

Issues in kitchen, restaurant and dining areas can move into storage and guest rooms.
Mice, rats,cockroaches flies bed bugs and other pests should not be your guests.

You need an experienced service provider who will ensure you maintain the safety of employees and guests, and their treatments will meet strict health inspection guidelines.

In BUGS BE GONE We can offer a customised Integrated Pest Control Management ( IPM ) program that will control and eradicate any problems before they arise.

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