Important things to know about pest-control services

Posted on: August 1, 2012

As summer is heading toward us and temperatures typically creep up, and so do the odds for bugs and other pests migrating into your homes. Your Better Pest Controller can help you find an end to the creepy-crawlies.

November is one of the busiest months for exterminators, but there are some things you can do to control insect infestation.
Make sure there are no holes in screens, cracks in the foundation or gaps under doors. Also check, around doors and windows and replace any worn-out weather stripping and fix plumbing leaks.
Beware of unsolicited companies offering free pest suggestions.
Shady individuals may bring in their own pests and pressure you into signing up for service you don’t really need.
Although professional services can be costly, it could be worth it. Many times, the product you find at the store won’t do the trick. A pest-control professional uses specialized equipment, pesticides and their training to put an end to your pest problem.

Your local Pests Control Expert offers these pest-control service tips:
• Get several quotes. Don’t settle for the lowest bid. It may not be the highest-quality service.
• Be wary of anyone going door-to-door.
• Ask the exterminator to do an inspection. A fee may be required, but they’ll be able to give you a written diagnosis.
• Check to see if the company is licensed and insured.
• Verify that the work is guaranteed and ask what it covers.
• Inquire about follow-up.
• Find out if the contractor belongs to any professional pest-control associations.
• Inquire about safety and risks of pesticides. Some can be dangerous to touch or inhale. Let the pest-control professional know about pets or children in the home.
Remember, you’ll have to do your part fighting these pests. Make sure you keep areas free of food and keep your house or business maintained properly to avoid pests from coming in.

If you have any questions regarding pest-control techniques, you can always get help from your BugsBeGone team, call us on 1800 284 442 or mobile 0411 700 422